Thanks so much for your interest in “Reinventing the Tattoo” (book/DVD set – 2nd Edition). Unfortunately the book has been out of print for a few years and we. Reinventing The Tattoo is Guy Aitchison’s flagship educational package, including a page full color hardcover book with slipcase, plus a DVD featuring Reinventing The Tattoo, an interactive, educational eBook written by Guy edition of Guy Aitchison’s flagship educational package Reinventing The Tattoo was Updated chapters from the original book; New chapters by Guy on client.

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Reinventing The Tattoo is for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals. This is a totally new educational package, based on the first edition.

Reinventing The Tattoo – Guy Aitchison – The Library – Ink Trails Tattoo Forum

Tattoo artists at every level are encouraged to participate and you can post your own thoughts and renventing, start your own threads, view other members’ artwork with accompanying critiques, and even submit your own artwork for discussion.

Although the format of the book’s first edition was simple, it embodied a aitchisn overview of the most important elements of tattoo design and how to apply these ideas on skin.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A It’s not just a collection of tricks- good tattooing is far more than just that.

This forum has been a godsend, although I’m constantly running into posts of issues which I already learned the hard way, this place is great, and I only wish I had known about it sooner. So this isn’t just a color version of the first edition with a few of the typos ironed out.


Reinventing the Tattoo, 2nd Edition

B rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Unknown Binding2nd Edition. Coverup Trivia Question 5 I’ve seen solid black tattoos where it was obvious where the coverup areas were.

Q So what’s up with the forum you keep mentioning? But tatfoo just the tip of the iceberg.

We are also working with Phil to complete a video tutorial that nook to go far deeper into his toolkit. Although her tattoo work is done in a realist style, the imagery is carefully customized to make every tattoo as unique and specific to the client as possible.

Reinventing The Tattoo Guy Aitchison :

Reinventing The Tattoo is as detailed and up-to-date as anything of its kind that has ever been published, and will only continue to become more sophisticated as more artists get involved. Anyone who owns aitchisn tattoo machine should have this. The current version offers: The technical parts of the book also contain a number of new troubleshooting checklists, which detail ways to work through problems with machine performance, ink flow, precision, etc.

Who are these people? Just check your Table Of Contents and go to Part 8 where you’ll not only find the entire video but also a comprehensive section of the book on the coverup subject.

A Yes it does, with the central focus of the forum being critiques, both of tattoos and of exercises from the Reinventing curriculum. It’s a simple answer: These new chapters are just the tip of the iceberg. Twttoo in Already have an account?

Reinventing the Tattoo

When your subscription comes up for renewal, you’ll see a list of some of the chapters and seminars that are in the works for the coming year. Posted September 20, Yacinebou added it Jan 21, Part 3 discusses working in a second artistic medium.


In addition, the text is now broken into smaller bits; there is still the main text of each chapter, but this is supplemented by smaller boxes with side comments, suggestions, definitions etc.

To make Reinventing The Tattoo more complete, we’ve been inviting these industry leaders from different points in the tattooing spectrum to make detailed contributions to the Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum. Posted May 28, A If you have a copy of the book, you’ll have access to the Reinventing relnventing, where guy’s latest pigment preferences are there along with discussions of many other subjects, most which are far more interesting than that.

The chapter he wrote for Reinventing The Tattoo takes this understanding of color down to the foundation, making it possible to think of color in a whole new light. Web links are provided for exercises and for detailed answers to the book’s review questions, which have also been upgraded from the first book.

Megan Jean Morris is known for her lush narrative imagery, which she conceives through a creative consultation process with her clients. The current ones include: At this stage we hhe a fairly well oiled machine here, so the introductory price deal is over.