The Holy Bible in English, Douay-Rheims American Edition of , translated from the This Public Domain Bible text is brought to you courtesy of Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Douay Rheims American Edition DRA Audio Bible. Download Douay. See price drops for the iOS Universal app Douay Rheims American Edition DRA Audio Bible. The Douay–Rheims Catholic Bible is a translation of the Bibl.

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It continues to doay used officially in Catholic churches today. You are logged in as. Consequently, the Rheims New Testament is much less of a new version, and owes rather more to the original languages, than the translators admit in their preface. Philip the task of writing a complete history of the Church, which would expose the falsehoods of the Protestant Magdeburg Chronicles, just as the Douay-Rheims Bible was intended to correct the biased renderings of many Protestant biblical translations.

It was the custom of newly-ordained missionaries from the College to ask the blessing of another of the priests there, St. In England the Protestant William Fulke unintentionally popularized the Rheims New Testament through his collation of the Rheims text and annotations in parallel columns alongside the Protestant Bishops’ Bible. Though he died in the same year as its publication, this translation was principally the work of Gregory Martinformerly Fellow of St.

Douay–Rheims Bible – Wikipedia

It was their great desire to put into the hands of these priests a Bible which they could use in their mission, and which would expose to the people of England the distortions of the Protestant versions in circulation.

Completely douzy to reproduce the original edition, making reading much easier.

Not only did Douay-Rheims influence Catholics, but it also had a substantial influence on the later creation of the King James Bible. This work sold widely in England, being re-issued in three further editions to Where the Rheims translators depart from the Coverdale text, they frequently adopt readings found in the Protestant Geneva Bible [11] or those of the Wycliffe Bible, as this latter version had been translated from the Vulgate, and had been widely used by English Catholic churchmen unaware of its Lollard origins.


The three apocryphawhich had been placed in an appendix to the second volume of the Old Testament, were dropped. Inthe John Murphy Company douya a new edition with a modified chronology consistent with new findings in Catholic scholarship; in this edition, no attempt was made to attach precise dates to the events of the first eleven chapters of Genesis, and many of the dates calculated in the edition ameeican wholly revised.

Baronius, later Cardinal, who succeeded St. Records of the English Bible: These Dublin versions are rgeims source of some Challoner bibles printed in the United States in the 19th century. The Old Testament is stated to have been ready at the same time but, for want of funds, it could not be printed until later, after the college had returned to Douai.

As such it was an impressive effort by Rheimz Catholics to support the Counter-Reformation. Jerome at the end of the fourth century. It was some time before the translation which the Douay men produced could be published, and then only in parts.

Add bible verses index bar feature and 18899 some bugs. Martin and his collaborators were at work in Douay, Fr. The New Testament was published in Reims France inin one volume with extensive commentary andnotes,this translation was replaced by a revision undertaken by bishop Richard Challoner; the New Testament eedition three ediion, and ; Challoner’s New Testament was, however, extensively revised by Bernard MacMahon in a series of Dublin editions from to ; and these various Dublin versions are the source of some Challoner bibles printed in the United States in the 19th Century, the Challoner revision of the DouayRheims is still often the Bible of choice of English-speaking Traditionalist Catholics.


The title page runs: Since it was translated quite literally and with great reverence douwy each individual word from the Vulgate, which in turn reflects the structure of the original languages very clearly, the Douay-Rheims Bible can give great insight into the minds of the sacred authors. However, some spelling errors may still be present in the text. Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greek and other Editions”. It was first published in America in by Mathew Carey of Philadelphia.

Subsequent editions use the Sixto-Clementine Vulgate.

Douay-Rheims 1899

The Old Testament volumes were reprinted in but neither thereafter for another hundred years. Overall, about one-fourth of the proposed amendments ryeims the text of the Rheims New Testament.

The Old Testament portion was published in two volumes twenty-seven evition later in and by the University of Douai. In the form of William Fulke’s parallel version, it was readily accessible.

Douay-Rheims Bible (Standard size)

souay The value of the Vulgate edition, based as it is upon the textual work of St. Click here to review our site terms of use. More usually, however, the King James Version handles obscurity in the source text by supplementing their preferred clear English formulation with a literal translation as a marginal note.

Some of their reasons are as follows:.