ASTM A type D-2M class 1 is a type of austenitic nodular cast iron. Cited properties are appropriate for the annealed condition. It has the. See the chemical composition and physical properties of ASTM A Grade D- 2M-1, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM A at Engineering

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Read more about subscriptions. Sand Mixer – Kgs Capacity – 1 No 8. The castings shall have a carbon equivalent of 3. SAE specification for Ductile Iron casting and austempered Ductile Iron casting are currently being revised so they were not available as of the time of this printing.

The values for the materials normally apply to castings with thicknesses between 30 mm and mm and with a mass greater than kg or when the relevant wall thickness may vary between 30 mm and mm. Start Webshop Product catalog Product presentation.

Physical Requirements Tensile Properties – The Ductile Iron as represented by the test specimens shall conform aztm the following requiremenets for tensile properties: The use of standard specifications simplifies the purchase of castings from multiple suppliers because it defines a standard casting whose properties meet the designer’s needs, regardless of where, or how the castings were produced.

ASTM A Manufacturer, Supplier,Exporter

Mechanical properties of cast-on test sample. Tensile strength, A71 m1 min. Main sand casting products include truck, tractor and machinery parts, pump and valve parts, stove and boiler parts, manholes and pipe fittings. Standards monitoring is atm free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work.


This ensures that you are always up-to-date and saves you both time and money. Mechanical Property Requirements A.

Ductile Iron Data – Section 12

The values for these maerials apply to castings cast a517 sand moulds of comparable thermal diffusivity. FCD 15 min. The benefits of a subscription: Using the latest in no-bake sand processes and among them are firms producing machinery and products in the following industries: Yield strength, min, psi.

Vestal Manufacturing’s facilities consist: Subject to amendments to be agreed upon in the order, they can apply to castings obtained by alternative methods.

The properties of a cast-on test piece cannot exactly the properties of the casting itself, but can be a better approximation than those obtained on a separtely cast sample. Once the specification has been selected, the foundry must ensure that all castings delivered meet or exceed the specification.

Webprint Printed and bound. You need to log in before adding standards to the monitoring service. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application.

Smith Foundry specializes in gray iron, ductile iron and sand castings in the USA. Boiling Point o F. Beyond Specifications Standards and specifications ensure uniformity and assist both the designer and the foundry in defining the most important properties of the castings.

FBO automatic molding line, resin sand molding, manual green sand molding, shell molding. B Not intentionally added. FCD min.

ASTM A571 Grade D-2M-1

A fully automated FBO-III Sinto 20″ x 26″ molding machine and handling system that produces casting with unmatched quality During the entire process, lab checks are made on metal and casting sand to assure high quality finished products.

Proof stress R p0. Mechanical property values are given in the units normal to the particular specifying body. Standard specifications for Ductile Iron are normally based on mechanical properties, except for those defining austenitic Ductile Iron, which are based on composition. Chief thickness of iron casting mm. The values for the materials apply to castings cast in sand moulds of comparable thermal diffusivity. Test Coupon Section Thickness.


The material designation is in accordance with EN The castings shall be made in the electric-arc furnace, induction furnace, cupola, or any other furnace which is capable of producing castings.

Introducing some sand casting foundries in USA and China, whose main products are various gray iron, ductile iron and steel sand castings. UNS numbers and corresponding American specifications. Mean value of 3 pieces J.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

ASTM A571/A571M – 01(2015)

There is own machining workshop to complete all rough machining and some finish machining works. Their high-quality casting products serve a diverse group of industries: The castings shall undergo tension tests and impact tests, and shall conform to the following mechanical requirements: The properties of a cast-on test piece cannot reflect exactly the properties of the casting itself, but can be a better approximation than those obtained on a separately cast sample.

Deivam Foundry Deivam Foundry is one of the leading manufacturers of steel castings spheroidal graphite iron castings and sand castings. The castings shall conform to the following chemical requirements: Melting is accomplished in three ton coreless furnaces.